Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Doctor Who: 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Reddit users have some very interesting ideas of what future festive Doctor Who specials should look like.

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Ever since Doctor Who started delivering special episodes around Christmastime, these fun festive offerings have become an expected part of the holiday season for fans. While more recently, the holiday episodes have switched from Christmas to New Year’s Day, the episodes remain extremely electric and appointment TV for any Whovian needing that mix of sci-fi and holiday cheer.

This yearly tradition has led to much-fevered speculation as to what the next festive story will involve as previous stories included nods to A Christmas Carol or evil robotic Santas. Reddit users, in particular, have demonstrated a keen interest in discussing future Christmas Specials as posters shared their ideas for holiday plots that—honestly—Russell T. Davies should consider for his return.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Doctor Who is known for its horror elements, with many episodes across its history having sent audiences hiding behind the sofa. Reddit’s TormentedThoughtsToo has his idea for a spooky festive episode set during Christmas Eve: a story that sees a young child lost in an abandoned house, which turns out to be an alien spaceship.

Entitled “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, this startling concept involves the Doctor and the scared child navigating their way around the ship’s maze-like interior, searching for a way out. TormentedThoughtToo’s suggestion is a thrilling narrative, which is full of many scares and surprises, making this a tantalizing prospect to consider.

Craig’s Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Portrayed by James Corden, Craig Owens proved one of Doctor Who’s most popular characters upon his debut appearance in 2010’s “The Lodger.” The Doctor’s one-time flatmate has featured twice in the series thus far, leaving many fans wishing he was the companion. One since-deleted Reddit user believes he should return for a Christmas special, with the Doctor joining Craig and his family for Christmas Eve.

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A festive reunion for the Doctor and Craig at Christmas could provide plenty of laughs for viewers. The Time Lord’s friend often reacted in exasperation towards the Doctor’s many quirks. The return would also give fans the chance to witness a grown-up Stormaggedon, who was last seen as a baby in “Closing Time,” making it a festive special to remember.


Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Christmas is a popular time for many across the globe, however, the festive period was once very different. During Roman times, the holiday season was referred to as “Saturnalia,” which forms the basis of Reddit user eggylettuce’s pitch for a special

Eggylettuce’s proposition is a fascinating idea, as he suggests the Doctor should travel back to Ancient Rome. The poster’s outline features the Time Lord experiencing the Saturnalia festivities, which involve Roman slaves and their masters switching places for one day. This episode would deliver an educational experience for viewers, exploring a little-known historical fact.

The Doctor Saves Saint Nicholas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Father Christmas has made a memorable appearance within the show’s history. Nick Frost’s performance as Santa Claus proves to be one of his best roles. One fan has expressed a desire to see the Doctor encounter the original inspiration for the Christmas hero. Reddit’s PostExistence reckons the Time Lord should cross paths with Saint Nicholas.

This festive concept offers a beautiful and profound tale, as the Doctor takes a group of children to meet Saint Nick. This historical figure suits the sci-fi series’ themes of kindness and compassion perfectly. Saint Nicholas is known to have undertaken various charitable deeds. Saint Nick embodies the selfless values of Christmas, making him an ideal fit for a festive special.

Carols Of The Sea

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Singing is a common activity around the festive period, with Christmas carols, in particular, proving popular among general audiences. This aspect of the yuletide festivities has rarely been explored in the sci-fi series. Reddit user Dalekbuster523 has offered his idea for a musical special, which sees the West End star Michael Ball playing a sailor who finds he can only communicate in song, attempting to return to his family for Christmas.

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Named “Carols Of The Sea,” this Christmas story promises a heartwarming tale about the importance of family during the holiday season. The pitch also suggests an all-star cast, with Michael Ball joined by acting legend Imelda Staunton. It’s a narrative that utilizes the musical genre well with the Doctor and their companions joining the sailor for a festive singalong.

Anthology Special

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Christmas is a time for reuniting with friends and loved ones, which perhaps makes it the ideal opportunity for previous Doctors and companions to return. Reddit poster Andelicious57 proposes a Christmas Special narrated by Nardole – who has provided many of the show’s best moments – and featuring the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Doctors, in a series of short standalone stories.

Andelicious57’s concept gives viewers a festive treat, as they witness new adventures from some of the show’s most beloved characters. It also delivers many moments which have been heavily requested by fans, such as the Thirteenth Doctor and River Song meeting for the first time. This proposal is a sweet and heartfelt story, which truly offers something for everyone.

Advent Calendar

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Advent calendars have long been an iconic aspect of the festive period, with children and adults alike eagerly counting the days until Christmas. Reddit’s Popey09 has suggested an especially novel way this could be incorporated into a Doctor Who Christmas Special, with the Doctor faced with defeating monstrous threats in 24 different boxes before the day is over.

This Yuletide suggestion makes great use of the advent calendar concept. Placing a different threat behind each calendar box places the Time Lord in a considerably difficult situation and pushed to their limits with a 24-hour deadline. It’s a unique concept for a story that truly challenges the Doctor.

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Home Alone

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Home Alone is one of the festive season’s most popular Christmas movies, and fans are keen to see Doctor Who provides its version of this festive classic. One deleted Reddit user has proposed an idea that involves the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan and Yaz accidentally leaving Graham – who’s considered by many to be one of the greatest companions – behind with a vengeful Tim Shaw.

This hilarious story features Graham setting traps for Tim Shaw, in an attempt to defeat the alien who murdered his wife. Drawing much inspiration from the antics of Kevin McCallister, this plot promises plenty of entertaining slapstick moments, making great use of Bradley Walsh’s strong comedic abilities.

The Doctor Who Stole Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

The sci-fi series has provided its take on many iconic festive tales over the years, but one famous story the show has yet to adapt is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Reddit poster Luckyleftytwin11 has expressed his enthusiasm for a Doctor Who takes on this holiday favorite, suggesting an episode where the Doctor steals toy Daleks from kids at Christmas.

The proposed idea is a clever adaptation of the well-known story. The usually heroic Time Lord unexpectedly takes on the role of the Grinch. It also appropriately raises the stakes for the Christmas episode, with the Daleks infiltrating the homes of young children. A plot where the Doctor takes on his greatest enemies during the holiday season would offer viewers the greatest festive treat.


Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

An especially iconic British tradition during the festive season is the pantomime, which sees theatres across the nation holding exaggerated plays based on beloved fairytales. Reddit’s TheUltimateRenegade believes the sci-fi show should provide their version of this festive practice, offering a concept that features the Doctor and their companions starring in a panto production after intercepting a distress call.

This Christmas special would make for a particularly unique episode, with TheUltimateRenegade’s idea borrowing many traditional pantomime elements. It’s a narrative that could provide a great sense of fun, as characters yell iconic panto phrases such as “He’s Behind You!” and “Oh no he isn’t.” Reddit’s pantomime suggestion is a truly novel proposal.

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