Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Doctor Who: 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Reddit users have some very interesting ideas of what future festive Doctor Who specials should look like.

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Ever since Doctor Who started delivering special episodes around Christmastime, these fun festive offerings have become an expected part of the holiday season for fans. While more recently, the holiday episodes have switched from Christmas to New Year’s Day, the episodes remain extremely electric and appointment TV for any Whovian needing that mix of sci-fi and holiday cheer.

This yearly tradition has led to much-fevered speculation as to what the next festive story will involve as previous stories included nods to A Christmas Carol or evil robotic Santas. Reddit users, in particular, have demonstrated a keen interest in discussing future Christmas Specials as posters shared their ideas for holiday plots that—honestly—Russell T. Davies should consider for his return.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Doctor Who is known for its horror elements, with many episodes across its history having sent audiences hiding behind the sofa. Reddit’s TormentedThoughtsToo has his idea for a spooky festive episode set during Christmas Eve: a story that sees a young child lost in an abandoned house, which turns out to be an alien spaceship.

Entitled “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, this startling concept involves the Doctor and the scared child navigating their way around the ship’s maze-like interior, searching for a way out. TormentedThoughtToo’s suggestion is a thrilling narrative, which is full of many scares and surprises, making this a tantalizing prospect to consider.

Craig’s Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Portrayed by James Corden, Craig Owens proved one of Doctor Who’s most popular characters upon his debut appearance in 2010’s “The Lodger.” The Doctor’s one-time flatmate has featured twice in the series thus far, leaving many fans wishing he was the companion. One since-deleted Reddit user believes he should return for a Christmas special, with the Doctor joining Craig and his family for Christmas Eve.

A festive reunion for the Doctor and Craig at Christmas could provide plenty of laughs for viewers. The Time Lord’s friend often reacted in exasperation towards the Doctor’s many quirks. The return would also give fans the chance to witness a grown-up Stormaggedon, who was last seen as a baby in “Closing Time,” making it a festive special to remember.


Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Christmas is a popular time for many across the globe, however, the festive period was once very different. During Roman times, the holiday season was referred to as “Saturnalia,” which forms the basis of Reddit user eggylettuce’s pitch for a special

Eggylettuce’s proposition is a fascinating idea, as he suggests the Doctor should travel back to Ancient Rome. The poster’s outline features the Time Lord experiencing the Saturnalia festivities, which involve Roman slaves and their masters switching places for one day. This episode would deliver an educational experience for viewers, exploring a little-known historical fact.

The Doctor Saves Saint Nicholas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Father Christmas has made a memorable appearance within the show’s history. Nick Frost’s performance as Santa Claus proves to be one of his best roles. One fan has expressed a desire to see the Doctor encounter the original inspiration for the Christmas hero. Reddit’s PostExistence reckons the Time Lord should cross paths with Saint Nicholas.

This festive concept offers a beautiful and profound tale, as the Doctor takes a group of children to meet Saint Nick. This historical figure suits the sci-fi series’ themes of kindness and compassion perfectly. Saint Nicholas is known to have undertaken various charitable deeds. Saint Nick embodies the selfless values of Christmas, making him an ideal fit for a festive special.

Carols Of The Sea

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Singing is a common activity around the festive period, with Christmas carols, in particular, proving popular among general audiences. This aspect of the yuletide festivities has rarely been explored in the sci-fi series. Reddit user Dalekbuster523 has offered his idea for a musical special, which sees the West End star Michael Ball playing a sailor who finds he can only communicate in song, attempting to return to his family for Christmas.

Named “Carols Of The Sea,” this Christmas story promises a heartwarming tale about the importance of family during the holiday season. The pitch also suggests an all-star cast, with Michael Ball joined by acting legend Imelda Staunton. It’s a narrative that utilizes the musical genre well with the Doctor and their companions joining the sailor for a festive singalong.

Anthology Special

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Christmas is a time for reuniting with friends and loved ones, which perhaps makes it the ideal opportunity for previous Doctors and companions to return. Reddit poster Andelicious57 proposes a Christmas Special narrated by Nardole – who has provided many of the show’s best moments – and featuring the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, and Thirteenth Doctors, in a series of short standalone stories.

Andelicious57’s concept gives viewers a festive treat, as they witness new adventures from some of the show’s most beloved characters. It also delivers many moments which have been heavily requested by fans, such as the Thirteenth Doctor and River Song meeting for the first time. This proposal is a sweet and heartfelt story, which truly offers something for everyone.

Advent Calendar

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Advent calendars have long been an iconic aspect of the festive period, with children and adults alike eagerly counting the days until Christmas. Reddit’s Popey09 has suggested an especially novel way this could be incorporated into a Doctor Who Christmas Special, with the Doctor faced with defeating monstrous threats in 24 different boxes before the day is over.

This Yuletide suggestion makes great use of the advent calendar concept. Placing a different threat behind each calendar box places the Time Lord in a considerably difficult situation and pushed to their limits with a 24-hour deadline. It’s a unique concept for a story that truly challenges the Doctor.

Home Alone

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

Home Alone is one of the festive season’s most popular Christmas movies, and fans are keen to see Doctor Who provides its version of this festive classic. One deleted Reddit user has proposed an idea that involves the Thirteenth Doctor, Ryan and Yaz accidentally leaving Graham – who’s considered by many to be one of the greatest companions – behind with a vengeful Tim Shaw.

This hilarious story features Graham setting traps for Tim Shaw, in an attempt to defeat the alien who murdered his wife. Drawing much inspiration from the antics of Kevin McCallister, this plot promises plenty of entertaining slapstick moments, making great use of Bradley Walsh’s strong comedic abilities.

The Doctor Who Stole Christmas

Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

The sci-fi series has provided its take on many iconic festive tales over the years, but one famous story the show has yet to adapt is The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Reddit poster Luckyleftytwin11 has expressed his enthusiasm for a Doctor Who takes on this holiday favorite, suggesting an episode where the Doctor steals toy Daleks from kids at Christmas.

The proposed idea is a clever adaptation of the well-known story. The usually heroic Time Lord unexpectedly takes on the role of the Grinch. It also appropriately raises the stakes for the Christmas episode, with the Daleks infiltrating the homes of young children. A plot where the Doctor takes on his greatest enemies during the holiday season would offer viewers the greatest festive treat.


Doctor Who 10 Christmas Specials Reddit Would Love to See Happen

An especially iconic British tradition during the festive season is the pantomime, which sees theatres across the nation holding exaggerated plays based on beloved fairytales. Reddit’s TheUltimateRenegade believes the sci-fi show should provide their version of this festive practice, offering a concept that features the Doctor and their companions starring in a panto production after intercepting a distress call.

This Christmas special would make for a particularly unique episode, with TheUltimateRenegade’s idea borrowing many traditional pantomime elements. It’s a narrative that could provide a great sense of fun, as characters yell iconic panto phrases such as “He’s Behind You!” and “Oh no he isn’t.” Reddit’s pantomime suggestion is a truly novel proposal.

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974’s Black Christmas

For fans of the 1974 horror classic Black Christmas, movies like Halloween, Scream, and Sisters are similarly terrifying films to enjoy.

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

Black Christmas is an underappreciated gem of the horror genre. Helmed by the usually comedic director Bob Clark, Black Christmas has the perfect mix of suspense, thrills, and a bit of humor. At the time, it was less common for a horror movie to be well written and have complex characters, especially female characters. With Black Christmas’s compelling story and relatable characters, the film is fantastic even without the jump scares and horror elements.

The movie is responsible for starting a trend of horror movies taking place during holidays, like Halloween and Valentine’s Day. For those who love their horror a step above, there are some exceptional films that follow in Black Christmas’s footprints that fans ought to see.

10 I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) – Stream On Prime Video

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

I Know What You Did Last Summer follows four teens who after receiving a threatening note on the one-year anniversary of the accidental murder and cover up the four committed, begin to get picked off one by one. This movie was one of the slasher movies that came about in the ’90s after the horror resurgence from Scream.

I Know What You Did Last Summer was the movie that cemented Sarah Michelle Gellar’s reputation as one of the most iconic scream queens ever. The film’s wharf atmosphere adds to the overall haunting and mysterious feeling of the movie. I Know What You Did Last Summer has elicited numerous parodies including serving as a major inspiration for 2000’s Scary Movie.

9 Sisters (1973) – Stream On HBO Max

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

In this underrated movie by Brian De Palma, a reporter tries to prove her glamourous but elusive neighbor killed a man. De Palma borrowed a lot from Alfred Hitchock for many of his horror and thriller films. Sisters has a clear parallel to Hitchcock’s Rear Window. But De Palma adds his own flair to the story, making a familiar plot wholly original.

De Palma knew how to update a tried and true story and bring it into the modern age in which he was working. In addition, Sisters and Black Christmas have star Margot Kidder in common. Kidder brings her charisma and intensity to both movies, making both films fantastic viewing experiences even for the acting alone.

8 The Last House on the Left (1972) – Stream On Pluto TV

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

Teenage Mari and her friend are brutally murdered by a gang in Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left. When the gang members unknowingly stumble upon Mari’s parent’s house, the parents enact revenge. The Last House on the Left was Craven’s directorial debut and he enters the horror scene with a bang.

The film is violent and shocking, even decades after The Last House on the Left’s release. Rather than focusing on fantastical horror villains like monsters or creatures, the film instead shows realistic villains of brutal sociopaths. Craven’s use of realistic villains makes the film all the more suspenseful and terrifying, much like Black Christmas.

7 The Funhouse (1981) – Stream On Peacock

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

In The Funhouse, four teenagers scheme to stay overnight in a carnival funhouse. However, the foursome finds themselves trapped in a horrific situation when they witness a murder committed by a disfigured carnival worker and must escape the funhouse before the carnival leaves the next day.

The Funhouse comes from the same mind behind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Needless to say, this movie is unnerving as only horror maven Tobe Hooper can do. The grotesque horror makeup effects are enough to be blood-curdling and then murder and stalking are added in to guarantee nightmares for the viewer.

6 Suspiria (1977) – Stream On Tubi TV

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

A young American student, Suzy Bannion, comes to a mysterious German ballet company to study modern dance. When grisly murders start occurring, Suzy discovers that the school has an unsettling past involving murder and witchcraft.

As one of Dario Argento’s best movies, Suspiria is famous for its stylistic visuals, vibrant use of colors, and prog-rock score by the band Goblin. Suspiria has since been remade by another Italian auteur, Luca Guadanino. However, the original is much closer to 1974’s Black Christmas by the deliberate style choices through the bold use of colors and the presentation of the female camaraderie of both films.

5 The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) – Stream On Prime Video

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

An innocent slumber party goes massively downhill when an escaped killer crashes the party in The Slumber Party Massacre. This movie has the distinction of having both a female writer and a female director, a rarity in the male-dominated horror genre. Coming from an outsider’s point of view, this led to the film using slasher film cliches and parodying them. For example, to spoof the male gaze employed in the male-helmed horror movies of the period, the camera lingers on the female characters’ nude body parts for a ridiculous amount of time. This was done as a way to make fun of the superfluous nudity found in many horror movies of the era.

4 Scream (1996) – Stream On Fubo TV

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

Scream is about a masked killer who uses horror movies as part of his scheme and targets a teen and her friends on the anniversary of her mother’s murder. The film’s use of conventional slasher movie cliches and completely turning them on its head revitalized the horror genre. Subverting traditional horror tropes, both Black Christmas and Scream ignore the “Final Girl” rules and forge their own three-dimensional female characters who are not victims but rather survivors.

Wes Craven broke the rules he himself established in his older films in Scream, which then brought the horror genre into the new millennium. The multiple movie references employed in Scream were a way of communicating that the film was in on the joke of horror’s reputation. The use of meta-references precipitated a trend not just in horror movies but in all movie genres of a film winking at its audience.

3 The House On Sorority Row (1982) – Stream On Hoopla

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

After a silly prank ends in disaster, the sorority sisters find themselves getting picked off one by one in The House on Sorority Row. Black Christmas and The House on Sorority Row have very similar plots with murders occurring at a sorority house, which will entice fans of Black Christmas.

However, the two films diverge from then on as the tone and style of both films could not be more different. While Black Christmas acts as more of a horror-drama, The House on Sorority Row is more of a traditional B-movie horror flick. The House on Sorority Row is enjoyable for its over-the-top acting and nonsensical plot but it is best suited to viewers who are fans of ’80s kitsch.

2 My Bloody Valentine (1981) – Stream On Hulu

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

In My Bloody Valentine, when a decades-old folk legend of a Valentine’s Day murderer turns out to be true, the small town is terrorized by the deranged killer. Much like Black Christmas and later Halloween, My Bloody Valentine cashed in on the trend of holiday-themed slasher films. A notable place where this film differs from those other movies is the protagonists.

While Black Christmas deals with university-educated sorority sisters and Halloween has suburban teens as its protagonists, My Bloody Valentine instead has blue-collar twenty-somethings as their protagonists. This distinction is interesting as it makes the film apt for analysis when compared to similar films of the genre. In addition, My Bloody Valentine is film buff Quentin Tarantino’s favorite slasher movie.

1 Halloween (1978) – Stream On AMC+

10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Like 1974s Black Christmas

Watched every Halloween by countless horror fans, Halloween follows babysitter Laurie on the titular holiday as a murderer has escaped the mental institution and goes back to his hometown to kill again. Black Christmas actually served as Halloween’s main source of inspiration. By placing a slasher plot framed in a holiday narrative, the typical genre mainstays are made more intriguing.

Made on a shoestring budget, famed director John Carpenter made full use of all his creative abilities to craft this horror classic. In addition, Michael Myers is one of the most recognized movie villains of all time and is currently terrifying modern-day audiences in Halloween Kills.

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (and 5 Reasons Elf Is)

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (and 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Christmas movies – who doesn’t love them? With the holidays approaching, we’re taking a look at two of the best Christmas movies, Home Alone and Elf!

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Whenever we begin preparing for the holidays, part of that preparation involves rewatching Christmas and holiday classics. At the top of that list is Home Alone. But in more recent years, Elf has been added to the best of the best Christmas movie list.

It’s a great debate of which is the best Christmas movie of all time. Some say Home Alone is too much of a classic to be beaten by any other Christmas film, while others can’t help but love Elf the most with its extremely quotable moments throughout the movie. Whether it’s Home Alone or Elf that is your favorite, here are the 5 reasons we think each could be considered the best Christmas movie to watch during the holiday season.

10 Home Alone: Kevin McAllister’s Rambunctious Attitude

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Kevin McAllister was played by ’90s child star Macaulay Culkin and boy, did he give us a memorable performance as the youngster. Kevin was accidentally left behind on Christmas by his family who left to spend the holiday in Paris.

He assumes his wish for his family to disappear had been granted and he could finally do whatever he wanted. This leads to many wild and crazy antics that Kevin gets up to while his family is away, including outsmarting two adult thieves. The way Kevin’s character made audiences laugh and feel joyful whenever he was on screen is exactly what Christmas should be about.

9 Elf: Buddy’s Unique Backstory

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

When Buddy the elf was an infant, he found his way into Santa’s bag of gifts when he was dropping off toys for the children at the orphanage. He ended up being adopted by Papa Elf at the North Pole and grew up not being aware that he was not an elf, but actually a human from New York.

The entire backstory Buddy had involved hilarious situations he would get himself into since he was not your “average elf”. This immediately endeared him to audiences and made him incredibly likable for both children and adults who watched Elf. It was easy to want him to get the happy ending he deserved when he was infectiously positive about, well, everything.

8 Home Alone: The Wet Bandits

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Harry and Marv were the two thieves – also known as “The Wet Bandits” – who planned to break into Kevin’s house on Christmas Eve to steal gifts and expensive possessions. In their minds, everyone had left for Paris so it was the perfect heist.

The thing about Harry and Marv is that they are absolutely hilarious and have great comedic chemistry. Whether Harry was misunderstanding Marv’s plans or the two were falling into trap after trap that Kevin set up for them, it was always a blast to watch them on-screen together. Each character had highly memorable moments and uttered lines that are still quoted frequently today. Home Alone needed them just as much as Kevin’s character.

7 Elf: His Trip To New York City From The North Pole

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

One of the most famous quotes from Elf was Buddy reminiscing over his journey to New York City all the way from the North Pole. He details the adventure by saying, “I passed through the seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.”

We got to see this very same journey in a stop-motion sequence towards the beginning of the film, and it had all of the child-like wonder anyone could want from a Christmas movie. It gave us great visuals of what it would actually be like for an elf to make that journey and made us feel immersed even more so in his story.

6 Home Alone: Kevin’s Friendship With His Neighbor

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Marley was known as “Old Man Marley” to Kevin and was also his neighbor. He had horrible rumors about him including that he was a serial killer who had killed his family years and years ago. The truth of the matter was, he was a lonely but nice old man who was estranged from his son and his son’s family.

Kevin learns this when they both are at the church on Christmas Eve where Marley’s granddaughter is singing. Kevin persuades Marley to reconcile with his son so he can meet his granddaughter and they can be a family again. Later, Marley ends up saving Kevin from The Wet Bandits, formally making them friends. The most heartwarming part? Marley makes amends with his son and has his family once again – thanks to Kevin.

5 Elf: Buddy Finding Love

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Buddy was mistakenly thought to be a character elf for a huge store in New York City called Gimbels. There, he meets a fellow “elf” who works there. She’s named Jovie, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other.

Buddy and Jovie even go on a romantic date that leads to them only becoming closer to one another. By the end of the film, Jovie has gained her holiday spirit back — as well as overcome her fear of public singing — all thanks to Buddy. They, of course, end up living happily ever after and start a family of their own. This was a sweet ending to Buddy’s story that left viewers feeling warm and fuzzy.

4 Home Alone: Kevin’s Many Traps For The Wet Bandits

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Home Alone had a way of unconventionally bringing comedy to a Christmas movie in the way of a young child constantly outwitting the villains of the story. Time and time again, when The Wet Bandits were looking to break in and steal from his home, Kevin found ways to overpower them through the use of hilarious and useful traps he set for them.

They would constantly fall for them and just when they thought they had caught up to him, he would find another ingenious way to get out of their grips. This added to the comedy of the film making audiences feel the light-hearted natured-ness of the story come to life.

3 Elf: Spreading Christmas Cheer For All To Hear

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

Aside from Buddy the Elf’s storyline of reuniting with his biological father and his family, one of the main plot points had to do with the lack of Christmas cheer throughout the world because people just didn’t believe in Santa anymore. And simply put, they didn’t have the Christmas spirit to keep the magic alive.

But towards the end of the film, all of that changes when Jovie begins to sing Christmas songs to get the crowds of New York to have Christmas cheer again. This helped get Santa’s sleigh working again when it was malfunctioning due to lack of Christmas cheer. This was a good message for audiences because Christmas isn’t just about presents, but it’s about being joyful and cheerful and spending time with the ones you love. That’s the true magic of Christmas.

2 Home Alone: Kevin’s Reunion With His Mom

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

When Kevin’s mother, Kate, realizes they have left Kevin behind, she does everything in her power to get back to him. She doesn’t want him to be alone at all, but especially on Christmas, and especially not after they had a huge fight.

The lengths she went to to get back to her son was admirable and heartwarming, so when they finally reunited on Christmas morning, it was a beautiful moment. Kevin had been missing his family and regretting his want for them to disappear, so seeing his mother come back home just in time for the holiday was the best present he could have ever asked for.

1 Elf: Buddy Finding His Family

5 Reasons Home Alone Is The Best Christmas Movie (& 5 Reasons Elf Is)

The holidays should always be about the ones you love, especially family. If you’re lucky enough to be close to your family, naturally you would want to spend the holidays with them. This is why it was so wonderful to see Buddy find his biological father and half-brother, along with his stepmom, and watch their relationships evolve into something meaningful.

It took some time, but they all not only accepted him into their family but loved Buddy as if they had known him their entire lives. In the end, that is part of what Christmas is all about. Love and family are things to cherish, especially on a day such as that.

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples, Ranked

Hallmark Channel is known for its many Christmas-themed romances. But which of the channel’s many couples are the best of all?

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

Few things are as popular and as associated with the Christmas entertainment season as the Hallmark Channel’s beloved and seemingly endless slate of Christmas movies. For over a decade, Hallmark has been producing sweet and seasonal movies with romantic twists, that often find two total strangers and opposites coming together and falling in love just in time for Christmas.

Though many of these movies follow the same overarching patterns and themes, not all of the Hallmark Channel’s couples are created equal. Some lack chemistry, and some lack a compelling story. But other couples, the following ten included, rank among some of the best Christmas romances of all time.

10 Christine and Jason (The Christmas Secret)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

In the 2014 film The Christmas Secret, Christine (Bethany Joy Lenz) is a single mother who is struggling to make ends meet, who also has to deal with her deadbeat ex coming back into her life and trying to prove she’s an unfit mother. Losing her job and facing eviction just before Christmas, Christine gets a second chance after she saves a woman’s life.

It’s then that she finds herself connecting with a handsome stranger named Jason (John Reardon), who just so happens to be the grandson of the woman whose life Christine saved. After many rounds of miscommunication and mistaken identities, Christine and Jason finally connect and make things work in grand romantic fashion in the film’s final act.

9 Taylor and Adam (A Gingerbread Romance)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

It’s a familiar trope for Hallmark, when two people find themselves paired up for a project or competition. A Gingerbread Romance offers one of the network’s best iterations of this familiar trope, thanks to the strong chemistry between lead actors Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Duane Henry.

Taylor (Mowry-Hardrict) is an architect who might be getting a big promotion she’s always dreamed of, when she finds herself assigned to work in a life-size gingerbread house competition with Adam (Henry), a single dad baker. Though these two initially clash because of their strong personalities, they soon find that work and romance go hand in hand and find their happily ever after together.

8 Cynthia and Steve (A Perfect Christmas)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

The 2016 movie A Perfect Christmas is a rarity in the world of Hallmark’s Christmas romances, as it centers on a couple that is not only together when the movie begins, but actually married. Cynthia (Susie Abromeit) and Steve (Dillon Casey) are a newlywed couple facing their first big family holiday.

It also certainly doesn’t help matters that Steve loses his job, and Cynthia finds out she’s pregnant, and the two are so busy they never get to talk about it until the film’s final moments. But all throughout, these two are unfaltering in their sweetness, their tenderness, and their unflagging support for one another and their dreams.

7 Lizzie and Robert (Coming Home for Christmas)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

In the 2017 movie Coming Home for Christmas, Lizzie (Danica McKellar) finds herself unsure of what comes next in her life. Thanks to a tip from her real estate broker sister, Lizzie lands a job as the house manager of a local estate belonging to the wealthy Marley family, who are preparing to sell the house at the end of the year.

As it just so happens to be the holiday season, Lizzie is tasked with preparing the family’s annual Christmas gala, and it’s through the upkeep of the house and planning of the gala that she meets and falls in love with the mysterious Robert (Kip Bledsoe), the more serious son of the family. Though there are plenty of miscommunications, it’s clear in the end that Robert and Lizzie are made for each other.

6 Emily and Leo (A Royal Christmas)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

One of Hallmark’s “royal loves normal” films, the 2014 film A Royal Christmas tells the story of the romance between Emily (Lacey Chabert) and Leo (Stephen Hagan). Leo and Emily have been together for a while, but Leo has never revealed one key fact to his beloved girlfriend: he is in fact Prince Leopold of Cordinia, a mysterious tiny European kingdom.

What follows is the conventional narrative of a commoner traveling to this lavish kingdom, and trying to prove herself worthy of his standoffish family. Though obstacles arise, in the form of Leo’s tough mother and his meddlesome ex-girlfriend, Leo and Emily make things work in the end, ensuring a modern day fairytale ending.

5 Tom and Jenny (The Perfect Christmas Present)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

The theme of characters inspired by Cyrano – where they secretly romance someone on another’s behalf – isn’t one that shows up very often in Hallmark’s world. But the 2017 film The Perfect Christmas Present essentially takes the theme and, well, perfects it.

Tom (Sam Page) is a professional gift finder who can get to the heart of a person and figure out what will be the perfect Christmas gift. When an old friend asks him to figure out the perfect gift for his girlfriend, Jenny (Tara Holt), Tom and Jenny wind up becoming incredibly close, and, of course, fall for one another, culminating in an incredibly poignant gift reveal.

4 Allie and Max (Crown for Christmas)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

In yet another of Hallmark’s “royal loves normal” classics, the 2015 movie Crown for Christmas finds Allie (Danica McKellar), a recently fired hotel maid, being hired as a governess to the Princess of Winshire. Of course, the Princess also happens to have an incredibly handsome, incredible single father, King Maximillian (Rupert Penry-Jones).

After their first, less than warm and cozy meeting in the New York hotel at which Allie once worked, Allie and Max take a quick liking to one another as she settles in to life in Winshire. Even though his high ranking advisors don’t approve, Allie and Max soon cannot resist their feelings for one another, royal hierarchy and rules be damned.

3 Marilee and Zachary (The Nine Lives of Christmas)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Cat meets cat. Cat meets cat. There are two love stories running parallel to one another in the adorable 2014 film The Nine Lives of Christmas, which finds aspiring veterinarian Marilee (Kimberley Sustad) crossing paths with unlikely cat owner and firefighter Zachary (Brandon Routh).

Even though these two just run into each other through chance, it’s more than just their cats Queenie and Ambrose – who spawn their own feline love story – that keeps bringing them back together. Despite Marilee losing her job, and Zachary having a terrible girlfriend at first, these two fall hard and fast for one another, and live meowily ever after.

2 Dean and Melanie (Matchmaker Santa)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

It’s an odd recurring motif in Hallmark Christmas movies, that people seem to fall for one another even if one half of the couple is already taken – even by the other half of the couple’s best friend. But that gray area aside, the love story at the heart of the 2012 film Matchmaker Santa is arguably one of the network’s sweetest – and most mischievous, too.

Melanie (Lacey Chabert) is dating a businessman named Justin, and expects to meet his family for the holidays. But when fate (and Santa himself) intervene, she winds up spending the holidays with his best friend, Dean (Adam Mayfield), instead, and even learns that Dean was behind many of Justin’s romantic gifts and gestures. Through being stranded in a small Christmas village, these two connect deeper than Melanie ever did with her own boyfriend.

1 Darcy and Aiden (A Gift to Remember, A Gift to Cherish)

10 Best Hallmark Christmas Movie Couples Ranked

The best Hallmark Christmas couple of them all just so happens to be one of the only couples at the network who have spanned multiple movies. Starring in the 2017 film A Gift to Remember and the 2019 sequel A Gift to Cherish (also known as Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2), Darcy (Ali Liebert) is a young woman who works in a bookstore whose life is turned upside down when she quite literally runs into Aiden (Peter Porte) while riding her bicycle.

After Aiden winds up losing his memory for a brief time around the holidays, Darcy helps him put his life back together, restoring his memories and creating new ones in the process. In the sequel, it’s Aiden who helps Darcy create new memories, as he picks up a family tradition and builds a Christmas village for her inspired by their life together.

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time. But even Muppet super fans may have missed these details.

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

No matter how many times it’s been adapted, the classic tale of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol remains all but universally beloved. But one of the most beloved adaptations of them all hails from some unlikely characters: Disney and Jim Henson’s The Muppets themselves. Released in 1992, The Muppet Christmas Carol is an absolute classic.

The movie is one of the most faithful adaptations of Dickens’ tale, featuring Gonzo the Great stepping in as the narrator Dickens himself, along with best buddy Rizzo the Rat for comic relief. Michael Caine is truly perfect in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, and the soundtrack is absolutely packed with classic Muppet songs. But there are some moments in the film that may have gone unnoticed to even the most loyal of Muppet fans.

10 A sweet moment between Rizzo and Gonzo

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Though sadly underutilized in recent Muppet productions, the bromance between Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat was undeniably the highlight of many Muppet films and series produced in the 1990s and early 2000s. That’s entirely true for The Muppet Christmas Carol as well, as the film finds them sharing narrator duties and engaging in plenty of comic relief.

In one particularly sweet, but blink and you miss it moment, Rizzo offers an exasperated Gonzo some of his jelly beans. And at Gonzo’s irritated sigh, Rizzo quickly offers a seeming apology as he quickly kisses Gonzo on his iconic curved alien nose.

9 A Rastafarian Marley

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Anyone familiar with the original tale of A Christmas Carol knows that Ebenezer Scrooge’s cold-hearted business partner was a man named Jacob Marley. But in The Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooge had not just one, but two business partners: the Marley brothers, Jacob and Robert.

Played by the beloved but always grumpy and argumentative Statler and Waldorf, the duo of Marley and Marley get one of the best songs in the movie and provide plenty of comedy all on their own. But hidden within their characters is a joke that likely goes right over many children’s heads: Robert Marley is clearly meant to refer to the late great reggae icon Bob Marley.

8 Familiar mice family

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Though they only appear in a few brief but absolutely adorable moments in the film, the family of mice who live in a hole in the wall near Scrooge’s offices are some of the most beloved and most fondly remembered characters in the entire movie.

As it turns out, these teeny tiny stars had quite the career in Christmas movies. The family of mice were the main Muppet characters in the 1995 made for television special Mr. Willowboy’s Christmas Tree, which starred Robert Downey Jr. in the title role, as well as Leslie Nielsen and Stockard Channing in supporting roles.

7 Beaker’s controversial salute

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

From the very beginning of their existence, Muppets have never been meant for audiences of children only. They’ve pushed the boundaries in terms of what’s appropriate for young audiences, and often fit in plenty of innuendos and suggestive dialogue, especially in more recent years.

But there’s one particular moment in The Muppet Christmas Carol that has led to plenty of mind-boggling but admittedly hilarious debates. After Scrooge brusquely offends Beaker and Bunsen as they attempt to raise money for the poor, the duo storm out of the office, but not before Beaker makes one final meeping remark – and maybe gives Scrooge the middle finger, too.

6 Fraggle Rock reference

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppets are known for reusing and repurposing both puppets and characters whenever the need arises for them to do so. But there’s one particularly beloved character from another Jim Henson work that has a brief cameo in the final scenes of the film.

Sprocket, the beloved Muppet dog from the classic HBO children’s series Fraggle Rock, appears as one of the Muppets flocking to follow the newly redeemed and changed Scrooge during his musical number “Thankful Heart.” He can be seen at Scrooge’s left hand side, holding packages and singing gleefully along.

5 Ma Bear’s role

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

In many ways, it truly does seem like Dickens’ work was meant to be adapted by the Muppets. But no convenient coincidence is quite as hilarious as the fact that Scrooge’s first boss in the novel was named Fezziwig, allowing for the film to use Fozzie Bear as a character now named Fozziwig.

In addition to Fozzie, however, the film also uses the seldom seen puppet, Ma Bear, as the co-owner of Fozziwg and Mom. The duo have a briefly depicted but adorable dynamic, and the film marked one of Ma Bear’s final appearances until the recent Facebook Portal ad campaign.

4 Fred’s missing wife

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Sometimes, certain things can just fly under the radar without making much of an impression due to how small a given role was within a film. But it’s hard not to notice the fact that Scrooge’s nephew Fred’s wife is glaringly absent from the film’s final celebratory feast, despite being seen mere moments before.

According to Brian Henson on the film’s commentary track, there’s no real plot-based reason for this glaring omission. The actress for Clara simply wasn’t available the day that this sequence was filmed.

3 A sweet tribute to Michael Caine

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The world building of all Muppet movies are truly a wonder to behold, but the scenery and vibrant life that line the streets of The Muppet Christmas Carol are truly art in its purest form. So much information and so many references are packed into such brief snapshots of London city life.

It’s hard to know where to look during the fast-paced street scenes and musical numbers, which makes it even easier to miss some of the sweetest references within the film. One such reference? A storefront glimpsed during “Thankful Heart” bears the name Micklewhite’s, as an homage to Michael Caine’s birth surname.

2 A deleted song makes the film’s ending make no sense

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the most controversial parts of The Muppet Christmas Carol – as controversial as a Muppet movie can be, after all – concerns the blatant removal and omission of a key song from the film in its theatrical and many subsequent home releases. During Scrooge’s visit with the Ghost of Christmas Past, he observes his lost love, Belle, serenading his younger self with a touching breakup song, “When Love Is Gone.”

The moment is one of the first scenes of humanity on Scrooge’s part, as the elder Scrooge begins to sing along and weep. But the song has been removed in so many versions of the film, it winds up making the film’s closing song – “The Love We Found” – make very little sense, given the fact that both songs use the same musical arrangement and share similar lyrics. Thankfully, newer releases have included the song, and Disney+ even features it as a bonus feature on the film.

1 Touching Jim Henson tribute

10 Hidden Details Everyone Completely Missed In The Muppet Christmas Carol

At the end of Kermit the Frog’s sweet song “One More Sleep Til Christmas,” the beloved frog stops and stares up at the night sky and silently watches in awe as a shooting star streaks across the London sky. It’s a sweet moment in the film, a momentary break from the forward progression of the narrative. And, as it turns out, it was entirely meant as a tribute to the late Jim Henson.

The Muppet Christmas Carol was the first Muppet project released after Henson’s tragic passing, and per son Brian Henson’s explanation, the inclusion of Kermit watching a star streak by was meant to evoke a similar scene in the early film The Muppet Movie.

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Clark Griswold faced down the worst Christmas ever in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and he left a bunch of hilarious quotes talking about it.

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is still regarded as an annual must-watch for the holiday season, and that hasn’t waned much over the last few decades. This hilarious 1980s comedy classic starred Chevy Chase as Clark Griswold, a well-meaning, yet overreaching dad who finds himself walking into one Christmas catastrophe after another.

The film is a masterful piece of comedy, specifically because of the clever script. Clark has some of the funniest lines in the film, allowing him to churn out a memorable performance. Many of his quotes have stood the test of time over the years, and are no less funny today than they were so many years ago.

10 “Burn Some Dust Here. Eat My Rubber!”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

To say that Clark Griswold was out of touch with the cool kids was definitely an understatement. He demonstrated this time and time again by failing to realize just what an imbecile he was being, particularly during the opening act. While driving out into the wilderness to get a Christmas tree for the house, Clark suffered a bit of road rage.

In an attempt to get competitive and prove himself, he started hammering the gas pedal while tossing out this quote, with a smile. It didn’t take long for his young son Russ to inform him that he got the two mixed up. Rusty’s gentle ribbing of his father, and Clark’s bemused reaction, was one of those sweet moments that allowed Christmas Vacation to compete against A Christmas Story for the best holiday movie of all time.

9 “Can’t See The Line, Can You Russ?”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Clark might have been a loving father and a devoted husband, but he clearly had some trouble ignoring the opposite sex, particularly if the woman in question was attractive. While out shopping for Christmas gifts, he came across Mary, who was eager to show him some lingerie.

Unfortunately, she showed a bit too much, and Clark became entranced. Once again, Russ was there to witness the whole thing as the woman demonstrated a pair of high-cut panties that hid the line of the underwear. In a daze, Clark asked whether Russ could see the line, to which Russ replied “nope,” much to his father’s surprise and comic horror.

8 “Russ, When Was The Last Time I Overdid Anything?”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Clark wanted to make that year’s Christmas the best ever, and that meant going above and beyond the call of duty. This was a trademark of his personality – a desire to get a rise out of his family and loved ones by giving them an awesome spectacle. That year, it was a house loaded to the brim with Christmas lights.

Russ was quick to point out that his father might have bitten off more than he could chew. He asked him whether he thought he was overdoing things, to which Clark replied with this quote. The bemused look on Russ’s face said it all.

7 “Surprised, Eddie? If I Woke Up Tomorrow With My Head Sewn To The Carpet, I Wouldn’t Be More Surprised.”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

After struggling to get his enormously ambitious Christmas light project to work in one of the funniest National Lampoon movie scenes, Clark was overcome with joy. The entire family came out on the front lawn to witness the blinding spectacle, giving cousin-in-law Eddie Johnson, his wife and kids, and their dog Snots time to slip in unnoticed.

It was meant to be a surprise, though nobody asked for them to show up, for reasons that would quickly become obvious. When Eddie asked Clark if he was surprised, he responded with this hilarious quote that went right over Eddie’s head.

6 “Can I Refill Your Eggnog For You? Get You Something To Eat? Drive You Out To The Middle Of Nowhere… Leave You For Dead?”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Within the first hour of showing up, Eddie had already worn out his welcome with Clark. He’d gotten into the eggnog, and started recounting stories that normal folks would be ashamed of. It was becoming too much for Clark to bear.

A brief interlude allowed Clark to drop this funny question on Eddie, which he was oblivious to, once again. Clark would have loved nothing more than for a family Christmas without Eddie’s lumbering, oafish stupidity.

5 “The Silent Majesty Of A Winter’s Morn. The Clean, Cool Chill Of The Holiday Air. And An A*****e In His Bathrobe, Emptying A Chemical Toilet Into My Sewer.”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Clark awoke a few days before Christmas to the sounds of his family fighting it out in the dining room, which wasn’t exactly the kind of atmosphere he had in mind. He decided to walk to the window and gaze out at the bright, sunny morning, while Ellen came to greet him.

Giving him a big hug, she asked what he was looking at. Clark replied with this quote, right before the scene switched to Eddie standing in the middle of the street with a beer and a cigar, emptying his RV’s toilet into the storm sewer by the curbside.

4 “Hallelujah! Holy S***! Where’s The Tylenol?”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Clark had been pining away for his Christmas bonus in order to fill the down payment on a pool he wanted to install in the backyard. It was the ultimate Christmas gift for his family, and the clock was ticking. It didn’t help that he was dealing with the stress of a series of mishaps and accidents around the house.

By the time a company envelope was delivered, he was near the breaking point. When he found out that it contained a membership to the Jelly of the Month club instead of a bonus, he went on an angry rant about his boss before dropping this line and running off. Clark’s comedic burst is just one of the many reasons why Christmas Vacation is one ’80s movie that makes viewers laugh so hard, they cry.

3 “We Needed A Coffin… Uh, I Mean… A Tree…”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

After Uncle Lewis inadvertently burnt down the family Christmas tree while lighting a cigar, Clark got the bad news about his supposed bonus. He was coming apart at the seams, yet he was determined to salvage the operation. His first order of business was to go outside with a chainsaw and slice down the nearest tree. How he managed to secure and decorate another tree in such record time is one of the things that makes no sense about Christmas Vacation, but it’s forgivable.

He then went upstairs to wash the sap off of his hands, while Ellen followed to ask him if he was OK. Clearly, Clark pretended everything was fine, even when questioned about his behavior regarding the tree. He replied to Ellen with this quote, which didn’t exactly set her mind at ease.

2 “Nobody’s Leaving! Nobody’s Walking Out On This Fun Old Fashioned Family Christmas! Noooo, No, We’re All In This Together!”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

When things got so bad that Christmas seemed unsalvageable, Clark’s family decided to pack up and take off, rather than stick around for the aftermath. They believed it was better if everyone just left before things got worse.

They were stopped at the foot of the stairs by Clark, who wasn’t willing to let any of them go. To him, the disasters they’d suffered were like a military operation gone wrong, and he wasn’t about to let his fellow soldiers abdicate their responsibilities.

1 “When What To My Wondering Eyes Should Appear, But A Miniature Sleigh… And… And Eddie, With A Man In His Pajamas And A Dog Chain… Tied To His Wrists And Ankles.”

10 Best Clark Griswold Quotes From National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

After Clark’s dad managed to calm him down and talk some sense into him, Clark seemed like he was willing to put all the bad stuff behind. He even took on the duty of reciting The Night Before Christmas with his family, which seemed to be going nicely.

That is, until Clark looked out the window and saw Eddie leading his boss Frank up the pathway in chains, with a gigantic ribbon on his chest, and a gag in his mouth. It was Eddie’s Christmas present to Clark and a chance for retribution against the crotchety old boss who cut out employee bonuses that year.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Nightmare Before Christmas did a near-perfect job of combining a Christmas film with a Halloween film, but what did the sequel hope to add?

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

It was a long time ago, longer now than it seems, when this weird little film first graced our screens. With its strings visuals and all of its quirks, at one point a sequel was once in the works. Rhyme schemes aside, Tim Burton’s twisted tale was once in line for a second installation, but never made it off the ground.

So what kept our friend Jack Skellington from visiting the other holiday realms? And why has it been so hard to see him come back to the screen? Sit back, relax, and crack open some Halloween candy as we look at why we never saw a return to Halloweentown.

10 Selick Wants to Make a Sequel

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Everyone in their mother associates The Nightmare Before Christmas with Visionary director Tim Burton, as well they should. The story and characters did in fact come from Burton’s brilliant brain, but director Henry Selick is truly an unsung hero of stop-motion animation, and reportedly he wants the story to continue.

Henry Selick has had quite an interesting career in and out of Disney animation. Along with The Nightmare Before Christmas, Selleck has been featured on films such as The Fox and the Hound, James and the Giant Peach, and Return to Oz. he is also expressed interest in a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel, presumably putting him in the director’s chair.

9 Discussions With Disney Have Taken Place

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Rumors, speculation, and hearsay about A Nightmare Before Christmas sequel have been tossed around as early as 1998, but the idea for a sequel has in fact been floating around the Disney studios. Supposedly, a Thanksgiving TV special was in the works until Tim Burton shut it down. Though no definite plot exists, it is reassuring to know Disney is still on board.

Like so many films under their wing, sequels to their movies only happen with their complete and total say so. This is why we never saw the pipe dream that was Roger Rabbit 2. but if Disney was interested, why didn’t they move forward?

8 They Didn’t Want Stop-Motion

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

With the rise in new filmmaking techniques, Disney wanted to show off its bigger budget and newer equipment by having the potential sequel be done completely in CGI. Seeing as the original film is considered a stop-motion animated classic, a CGI version of Jack Skellington and his Halloweentown friends might be more than a little off-putting to some.

Supposedly, the studio considered the art form dead and old-fashioned. That being said, when you take a look at films like James and the Giant Peach, Coraline, and Kubo and the Two Strings, you can plainly see that the medium still has its audience even today.

7 Burton Doesn’t Want a Sequel, CGI or Not

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

One of the biggest elements preventing a tried-and-true sequel to come to pass is the film’s creator himself, Tim Burton. Burton has been very vocal about not wanting a sequel to one of his most beloved films for some time now, claiming it would violate the “purity” of it. And honestly, we can kind of see where he’s coming from.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was based upon Tim Burton’s poem by the same name, and there’s an untarnished children’s book quality to the original text. A movie adaptation is one thing, but a sequel is another. If we were in his shoes, we think we’d feel the same way.

6 Both Need to Collaborate For It to Happen

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Tim Burton is the creator and producer of the original film, but Henry Selick is the director and filmmaker that helped bring The Nightmare Before Christmas to life. Needless to say, both need to be involved if a sequel is to happen at all. It’s not that we don’t see it happening, it just feels unlikely.

As seen in both this film and James and the Giant Peach, Burton and Selick can and have worked together more than once. A collaboration between the two filmmakers would definitely be well-received provided they could agree to work with Disney’s terms as well.

5 A Fight with Danny Elfman Suspended Jack’s Singing Voice

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Though this is somewhat a piece of Disney history, we can’t say it helped the sequel’s situation much. Although actor Chris Sarandon is responsible for Jack Skellington’s singing voice, his dulcet tones for the musical numbers and most other performances are provided by the film’s composer, Danny Elfman.

Burton and Elfman have created and collaborated more times than we can count, but that doesn’t mean they were always the best of friends. In fact, a falling out between the two of them caused Elfman to cease voicing the character for a period of time. Although that’s all in the past and Elfman has reprised his role once or twice, no progress on the sequel has been made.

4 It Might Get a Remake Before it gets a Sequel

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

This is more on Disney’s part than anyone else’s but if we look at their current lineup of films, we can kind of make an accurate prediction of the film’s fate. With the studio remaking many of their favorite animated features such as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King, The Nightmare Before Christmas will possibly get a remake before it gets a sequel.

The Disney live-action remakes already have a somewhat lukewarm stigma around them, but we can hardly wrap our brains around the idea of a live-action Nightmare Before Christmas. More than likely, it would have to be a CGI Frankenstein to even scratch the surface of what the original was. We might never know.

3 A Sequel (Technically) Exists

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Though we have yet to see a proper film sequel to the macabre masterpiece, a follow-up to the original Nightmare Before Christmas has existed since 2004. It came to us, not as a motion picture or TV special, but as a very entertaining video game for the PS2 and Xbox called The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge.

This game was actually a collaboration between Capcom, a frequent Disney game creator, and the film’s producer Tim Burton. Although the game has similar hack-and-slash elements akin to Devil May Cry the strange seal of Burton absolutely saturates the project. Fans who experienced this title definitely consider it a proper sequel to the iconic film.

2 So Does a Manga

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

In honor to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the film, manga publisher Tokyopop released a comic book series entitled Zero’s Journey, featuring Jack’s ghostly canine in the starring role. Consider it a follow-up, a sequel, or a spinoff, but it’s still a continuation of the story, featuring friends old and new along the way.

the 14-issue series not only takes place in the exact same universe but has a very distinct Burton-inspired art style that feels like it was pulled straight from the guy’s storyboard collection. The comic sees Zero on a journey through Christmas Town trying to return home. A simple concept but one with enough twists and turns that will satisfy any fan of the original film.

1 A New Film is Supposedly in the Works

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Canceled Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Though this might be the same speculation and hearsay that’s been floating around since the ’90s, Disney is supposedly working on a new Nightmare Before Christmas film. As to what exactly it is, however, is anyone’s guess as the sources say. It might be a remake, a sequel, or just a simple animated special, but whatever it is, Disney hasn’t forgotten.

We can theorize, we can discuss, and we can guess till we’re blue in the face, but until we hear anything from either Disney, Burton, or Selick, a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas is in Project limbo. But no matter what we get in the end, we can always return to the original twisted classic anytime we want.

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the most beloved Christmas classics of the modern era of film. We’re looking back at the film’s sweetest scenes.

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the most beloved Christmas films of all time, but also one of the most underrated, The Muppet Christmas Carol was first released in 1992 and featured everyone’s favorite puppets, The Muppets, putting their own spin on the beloved tale of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Surprisingly faithful in its retelling of the Dickens classic, the film is widely regarded as one of the best adaptations of all.

It’s also far and away one of the best Muppet films ever produced, and one of the franchise’s sweetest films, too. In its depiction of relationships between the Cratchit family members, best friends Rizzo the Rat and Gonzo, and even in Scrooge’s own character, The Muppet Christmas Carol never shies away from exploring the sweeter side of the season. We’re taking a look back at the film’s ten sweetest scenes.

10 “It Feels Like Christmas”

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come play major roles in the story of The Muppet Christmas Carol, but the most beloved and jolly of them all is the Santa-like Ghost of Christmas Present. From the moment he enters the film, everything is lighter and brighter, and it’s not exemplified anywhere better than in his introductory song.

As the Ghost of Christmas Present guides Scrooge through the streets of London, he leads the entire group of townsfolk in the rousing song “It Feels Like Christmas,” which includes touching lyrics such as “It’s in the giving of a gift to another, a pair of mittens that were made by your mother. It’s all the ways that we show love that feel like Christmas.”

9 Bob and Tiny Tim scat on the way home

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The story of A Christmas Carol may be Ebenezer Scrooge’s story, but the Cratchit family is just as important to its overall message. In the world of The Muppet Christmas Carol, the Cratchits are embodied by beloved Muppets like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and Robin.

One of the first scenes we get to see of the family interacting together also happens to be one of the film’s sweetest moments. As Bob Cratchit (Kermit) and Tiny Tim (Robin) head home from church at the end of the day, they engage in some jovial scatting and singing, while Bob lovingly carries the young Tiny Tim on his shoulder.

8 “When Love Is Gone”

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Though it’s a scene often removed from many of the home releases of the film, the bittersweet breakup song “When Love Is Gone” remains one of the most poignant, pivotal, and beloved scenes in the entire film. The cut song finds Scrooge’s former fiancee, Belle, explaining to him how the love has gone out of their relationship.

As heartbreaking as the song itself is, a real moment of growth for Scrooge’s character occurs in it, as the elder Scrooge, now weeping, joins in the song with Belle from afar. It’s sweet in its bittersweetness, and it’s capped perfectly by Gonzo consoling a weeping Rizzo on the sidelines.

7 Rizzo hugs Gonzo after he’s hit by the door

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The beloved comedic Muppet duo of Rizzo the Rat and Gonzo serve as the narrator figures for the entire film The Muppet Christmas Carol. When they’re not on narrator duty, these two also get to share some of the film’s sweetest moments, no matter how brief they might be. These best buddies often lapse into their familiar rhythms, even though Gonzo is meant to be playing Charles Dickens.

When Rizzo and Gonzo attempt to sneak into Scrooge’s home, Gonzo has the door abruptly shut in his face, squishing his prominent nose. Always the supportive best friend, Rizzo quickly scurries over and hugs Gonzo, patting his chest reassuringly as he recovers from the nose squish.

6 Bean Bunny is a remarkable lad

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Despite his undeniable cuteness, the tiny Bean Bunny often serves as a punching bag in many Muppet movies. But perhaps the worst treatment he receives comes in the first act of The Muppet Christmas Carol, which finds him verbally and physically abused by Scrooge, then sleeping among garbage on the freezing streets.

In the film’s final act, however, Bean Bunny is given a hero’s welcome. When Scrooge awakens on Christmas morning a changed man, Bean is the first character he encounters, and whom he assigns the task of purchasing the goose for Christmas with the Cratchits. What truly makes the moment is Scrooge calling Bean “an intelligent lad, a remarkable lad,” which leads to an adorably bashful response from the Bunny.

5 Scrooge gives the mice family cheese

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

One of the sweetest moments in the entire movie comes as a result of the film’s tiniest characters. Glimpsed early in the film in the songs “Scrooge” and “It Feels Like Christmas,” a poor mouse family lives in a hole in the wall of one of the buildings near Scrooge’s offices. They lament in the first song “Scrooge” that conditions are “even worse for mouses,” and that there are “no cheeses for us meeces.”

A now redeemed Scrooge decides to fix these problems, gifting the family in the film’s final montage with a large block of cheese wrapped in a beautiful red ribbon. The cheese is larger than most of the mice in the family combined, ensuring that they will be well-fed for the foreseeable future.

4 “Bless Us All”

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Tiny Tim has always been seen as the metaphorical soul of A Christmas Carol, a kind-hearted young boy who always sees the good in life despite his own ailments and fragility. The Muppet Christmas Carol perfectly embodies his innate goodness as the Cratchit family sits down for Christmas Eve dinner, and Tiny Tim leads them in song.

The song, “Bless Us All,” is one of the film’s most touching songs in a soundtrack truly packed with moving melodies. But it’s Tiny Tim’s selfless messages of prayer and compassion that elevate this song above the rest: “Bless us all with playful years, with noisy games and joyful tears. We reach for you and we stand tall. And in our prayers and dreams, we ask you bless us all.”

3 Scrooge makes amends for his ways

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

Over the course of the entire tale of The Muppet Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge learns how to see the error of his ways, and what will happen if he doesn’t change who he is. But it’s the moments when Scrooge finally begins to change on Christmas morning, proving that he truly took his lessons to heart, which represent his greatest moments of growth and kindness.

On Christmas day, Scrooge travels with almost all the townsfolk to the Cratchit home, bringing a lavish feast and the promise of a generous raise to his hardest working employee, Bob Cratchit. The moment when he sits down to the feast, with the selfless Tiny Tim at his side, truly says it all.

2 Rizzo kisses Gonzo’s nose

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

We’ve already talked about the sweetness that is displayed between best friends Rizzo and Gonzo in this film. But it turns out, these two take their displays of comfort and affection for each other to a whole new level in a truly blink-and-miss-it moment after a playful argument.

After Gonzo expresses frustration with Rizzo’s flighty ways for one of only many, many times in the film, Rizzo leans in and kisses an unsuspecting Gonzo right on the tip of his nose. It’s a sweet touch that not only strengthens the film’s depiction of their relationship, but also highlights just how deep their bond goes.

1 Beaker gives Scrooge his scarf

The 10 Sweetest Moments In The Muppet Christmas Carol

The entire crux of A Christmas Carol might be the reeducation of Ebenezer Scrooge and the redemption of his soul, and that’s definitely what the final act of The Muppet Christmas Carol conveys. But no moment in the film reflects it more succinctly, more meaningfully, or more emotionally than the moment shared between Scrooge and Beaker.

After screaming Beaker and Bunsen out of his offices earlier in the film, Scrooge apologizes for his ways and pledges a generous donation for their cause. Touched by the gesture, Beaker offers Scrooge a gift – his own plush red scarf – which truly touches Scrooge more than anything else ever has.